Welcome to the Attaining Harmony School of T’ai Chi Ch’uan. We offer classes in the Yang Style short form (37 postures), as taught by Professor Cheng Man-ch’ing.

T’ai Chi Ch’uan (Great Ultimate Fist) is a unique internal exercise based on the ideas of relaxation and cultivating softness. T’ai Chi Ch’uan is an excellent form of practice for people of all ages. It improves one’s health by removing blockages that restrict the flow of qi (life energy) within the body. T’ai Chi strengthens and balances the internal organs and conditions the whole body (muscles, tendons, and ligaments), increases flexibility, and improves balance. Unsurpassed as a mind-body therapy, T’ai Chi Ch’uan helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

Our classes also include discussions on various forms and methods of meditation related to Zen training and introduce students to Taoist ideas of self-cultivation based on the I-Ching (The Book of Changes). We offer beginning classes, ongoing form-correction classes, and instruction in push-hands.

For more information, or to register please call us (415-285-1453); or feel free to come to class to speak with us in person.

T’ai Chi Workshop in Moscow, Russia

A t’ai chi workshop takes place each summer in Moscow, Russia.

The following classes will be offered in the workshop:

  • Beginning T’ai Chi
  • Advanced Form Correction
  • Push-Hands

Email us at ah.taichi@gmail.com or call (415) 285-1453.

Gift Certificates are available. Please contact us for details.